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Are you buying ready-made gelato for your business?
It can never be as fresh and will always be more expensive, than making it yourself.

To assist you with making your own gelato Zanette’s Gelati can:

◊ supply packaged ingredients and recipes; and
◊ supply the specialised machinery required to make your own gelato. See Wholesale Business.

Are you thinking of starting your own gelato business?
Zanette’s Gelati can assist in any part of the set up of your business. They can help with:

◊ the design and construction of the premises;
◊ the acquisition of gelato making equipment; and
◊ the supply of ingredients and production procedures and manuals.

Zanette’s Gelati are in the process of developing and marketing their international brand "Ice Europa". A concept store will be opening in Circle on Cavil, Surfers Paradise in December 2006. See For more information contact us.

Phone: 07 5531 6131 Mobile: 0417 449 276
Fax: 07 5526 7010 Email:
ABN: 49 142 536 814


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