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Over the past few years the staff at Zanette’s Gelati have experimented with numerous recipes and various brands of bases and flavourings for gelato and sorbets in order to find the perfect product.

Using feedback from their valued customers and expertise from their Italian gelato-maker and suppliers in Italy they have developed an extensive range of gelato and sorbet recipes and simplified the production process.

Zanette’s Gelati now package the base ingredients for their entire range of gelato and sorbet recipes. The packaged products combine all the ingredients needed to produce the finest tasting gelato and sorbets – all that is needed is the addition of water and flavourings or fruit.

This saves time by removing the need for measuring of the ingredients, ensures consistency of the gelato and saves money as Zanette’s Gelati purchase the ingredients in bulk.

Zanette’s Gelati can supply both Australian and overseas businesses with pre–packaged gelato and sorbet bases and flavourings. We will also provide (under license) our own recipes for each gelato and sorbet flavour. Since Zanette’s Gelati recipes use pure fruit we can also direct you to suppliers of pre-packaged fruit.

You will be surprised at the time and cost savings from using Zanette’s pre-packaged products.

For more information, pre- packaged product samples and prices, please contact us.

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