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Zanette’s Gelati has an extensive range of over 40 flavours of gelato and sorbet – with a selection of 24 freshly made each day (removing the need for preservatives).

Our gelato is 96 per cent fat free, sorbets are 99 per cent fat free and all our products are made using only natural flavours, colours and pure fruit.


Sorbet Gelato
Banana Bacio Macadamia  
Boysenberry Butterscotch Milo  
Lemon Cappuccino Nutella  
Mango Caramel Fudge Orange  
Passionfruit Cherry Delight Pistachio Crunch  
Peach Cherry Ripple Raffaello  
Pear Chocolate Rocky Road  
Pineapple Choc-o-Mint Rum and Raisin  
Rockmelon Coconut Soy Chocolate  
Strawberry Coffee Soy Coffee  
Watermelon Cookies and Cream Swiss Caramel  
Wildberry Creamy Choc Chip Tiramisu  
Ferrero Rocher Vanilla  
Hazelnut White Chocolate  
Honeycomb Bliss    

We also provide a range of gelato shakes, granita drinks (ultra-refreshing frozen fruit drinks) and other health-based drinks such as protein shakes.

Zanette’s Gelati caters for customers with special dietary requirements whether health or religious based. See Nutritional Information.

Phone: 07 5531 6131 Mobile: 0417 449 276
Fax: 07 5526 7010 Email:
ABN: 49 142 536 814


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